Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence

University of Vermont

Laboratory Worker's Guide to
Laboratory Waste Disposal at UVM

Handling Laboratory Waste

Emergencies with Laboratory Waste

Laboratory Waste Inspections

What is considered laboratory waste?

What do I do in case of a lab waste emergency?

What kind of inspections should I do in the laboratory?

How do I have laboratory waste removed?

What do I have to do to be ready for a lab waste emergency?

Who else will inspect my lab waste practices?

What kind of containers are required?

Pollution Prevention

What happens if an inspector finds a problem?

What kind of labels are required?

How does pollution prevention affect laboratory chemicals?


How much lab waste can I store in the lab?

How can I reduce the amount of lab waste I produce?

Where can I get my questions about laboratory waste answered?

How quickly does it have to be picked up?

Does UVM care how much lab waste I produce?