Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence

The State of Campus EMSs: An On-Line Survey

How do you manage environmental issues on campus?

Would you call it an Environmental Management System?

C2E2 engaged the environmental services consulting firm Cameron-Cole and the independent survey firm Nima Hunter, Inc. to develop this survey to gain a better understanding of the nature and extent of EMS – Environmental Management Systems – as they are being defined and implemented on college campuses. This includes safety, health and environment (SHE) Management Systems. We hope you will participate.

Who should complete the survey? You. And others. We encourage multiple responses from each college or university, including participation by personnel from environmental, facility, faculty and administrative functions. Take the survey and encourage others to complete as well.

What’s in it for me? We hope that the “Benchmark” information will: (1) provide statistically significant results that effectively describe the state of EMS development at various colleges and universities; (2) allow for a comparison of EMS practices among schools of similar size and classification; (3) illustrate how various institutions have addressed common challenges and seized opportunities; and (4) assist institutions identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

Will a Report be Issued? A final benchmark report will be made available only to individuals who submitted responses. The report will include graphs and charts, and, depending on the number of responses, data may be organized by institutional cohorts (e.g., small private institutions vs. large public institutions, etc), and cross-tabulations (e.g., responses of facility personnel compared to EH&S professionals) if the sample size is sufficiently large.

How much time will it take? The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete. The questions asked, however, are not simply “yes” and “no.” They will require some thought and choices – resulting in a clearer picture of EMS activities on campus. While there is branching logic built into the survey, campuses just starting EMS initiatives may be asked probing questions that they have not yet fully answered. Answer to the best of your ability and judgment. Give yourself sufficient time to finish, as you cannot stop and return to complete the survey at a later time.

Information about the availability of the survey results will be posted on our website at at a future date and presented, along with case studies, at our third Advanced EMS Workshop at Cornell University on October 11-12, 2006.

And one more thing.

When you submit your survey, you enter a raffle to win a free iPod nano.

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