Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence

Second Annual Campus EHS Technology Workshop

Hosted by Northeastern University
and the Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence (C2E2)
Corporate Sponsor: Triumvirate Environmental

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  Chemical Tracking on Campus

“Implementing Chemtracker”
Robert Wheaton, Vanderbilt University

“Experiences with the UNHCHEMS Software”
Henry Huppert, Brown University

  Incident Management 
“Campus Incident Tracking System”
Ronald Slade, Boston University

“Employee Incident Investigation Software Solution”
Stacey Baldwin, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
  Compliance Management
“Regulatory Compliance Management
Using Network Based Calendar Software”
Nicholas Magliano, Tufts University

”Paperless Compliance in Achieving Safety”
Jeffrey Harris and Candace Cotten, Carnegie Mellon University

“Automated Training Needs Assessment”
Laurie Veal and Pam Greenley
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  “EcoCampus – EMS Software Solution and Awards Program Pilot in the United Kingdom”
Dr. Peter Redfern, Loreus Ltd., School of Science
The Nottingham Trent University

  EMS Software Solutions
“EMS Document Development,
Management and Control Using EMSWebWare”

Richard LeMoine, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

“Using Enviance Software
to support EMS efforts within Physical Plant”

Craig Ruberti, University of Massachusetts-Amherst