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EPA Announcement on New Sectors Program - May 2003
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EPA Best Management Practices Catalog
The Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence, or C2E2, has received a grant from the EPA New England to develop an environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) Catalog for colleges and universities.
The catalog can be found at It is designed to augment the EPA's web-based Environmental Management System (EMS) Guide (see and to increase outreach to colleges and universities via the EPA New England website.

"Best Management Practices" are campus programs or projects that produce demonstrated improvements in environmental performance of the campus operations. "Environmental performance" can involve reducing physical
impacts on the local ecosystem, improved environmental education for the campus population or increased compliance with environmental regulations.

The catalog provides a useful tool to those who may need practical information to convince administration, faculty, or staff to actually move a project forward. The Catalog also answers such basic questions as "How do I get started?" and "What are the potential cost savings?" We encourage you to share your "Best Management Practice(s)" with other colleges and universities. For further information or on "How to Submit your BMP" for possible inclusion in the BMP Catalog, please contact Peggy Bagnoli at EPA New England at (617) 918-1828 or at

Project XL: EPA's route to regulatory reform
Project XL is the EPA's regulatory reform effort. It is designed to enable regulated companies to propose projects which meet specific criteria to enable better environmental performance that current regulations make difficult. This avenue is one possible strategy for developing more useful environmental regulations for laboratories.

Lab XL
Provides a clearinghouse for information related to performance-oriented laboratory environmental managament. Fifth Year (2005) Progress Report.
Fifth Year (2005) Progress Report

RCRA and Labs
The most pressing regulatory concern for laboratories for most laboratories is compliance with hazardous waste regulations promulgated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).


Development of an Electronic "Green Bridge" between the EPA and Higher Education

Management of environmental issues in the 21st century presents significant new challenges for both government and the organizations it regulates. A multi-national, information-based economy is developing which uses Internet-based tools and services to change the way that Americans do business. This new economy places its emphasis on general access to information and working relationships between partners to create value, rather than development of material wealth produced by use of natural resources and competition between peers to determine its distribution.