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The UMB Integrated Chemical Hygiene and
Environmental Management (CH/EM) Plan

Table Of Contents

Section I.
The OSHA Laboratory Standard and The Chemical Hygiene Plan

Section II.
The EPA Environmental Management Standard and The Environmental Management Plan

Section III.
Common Elements Of The UMB Integrated Chemical Hygiene and Environmental Management (CH/EM) Plan:

Part A.
Roles And Responsibilities

A.1 Chemical Hygiene Committee

A.2 UMB Environmental Health & Safety Office

A.3 Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO)

A.4 Laboratory Workers

A.5 Visitors

A.6 Laboratories Covered Under the UMB Integrated CH/EM Plan

Part B.
Operational Elements

B.1 Medical Services

B.2 Engineering Controls

B.3 Emergency Response

B.4 Standard Operating Procedures

B.5 Training

B.6 Laboratory Inspections

B.7 Transport of chemical containers

B.8 Chemical Inventories

Section IV.
Developing A Standard Operating Procedure

Section V.
Criteria For Chemical Classification

Section VI.
The Operational Material Safety Data Sheet

Section VII.
Environmental Management

A. Waste Determination

B. Identifying Acutely Hazardous Laboratory Waste

C. Labeling Waste Containers

D. Accumulation and Storage of Laboratory Waste

E. Removal of Waste from Laboratories

F. Clean-outs and Decommissioning

VIII. Appendices

Appendix A. Basic Standard Operating Procedures For The Handling Of Hazardous Chemicals In The Laboratory

Appendix B. Chemical Fume Hood

Appendix C. Gloves

Appendix D. Charge To The Chemical Hygiene Committee

Appendix E. P-Listed Chemicals

Appendix F. Minimum Performance Criteria