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ML Strategies and the XL Participants have been in direct contact with the following external stakeholders. All received a copy of the proposal and many commented. Additional stakeholders have reviewed materials on the Project XL Web Site.

Name Affiliation
Ashbrook, Peter Univ. of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Allen, Greg US EPA -Region 3
Barkely, Emmett Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Barney, Craig Stanford University
Bergstrom, Steve Department of Environmental Protection
Bodhi, Epi Amherst Public Health Department
Boegel, Joan Genzyme
Brannegan, Daniel Pfizer, Inc.
Brehio, Steve Northeastern University
Burns, Paul Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group
Calder, Steve US EPA - Region 1
Carey, Margaret American Chemical Society
Castro, Michael Newton Fire Department
Costello, Richard University of Texas - Houston HSC
Coviello, Dave Advanced Environmental Technical Services
Coxe, Trudy Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
Danheiser, Rick Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DeLaHunt, John Colorado College
Dewey, Mary University of Vermont
DiBerardinis, Lou Environmental Medical Service
Ferazani, Lawrence Cambridge Fire Department
Finn, Khris Charles River Watershed Association
Fowler, Angela Public Works Department
Foy, Doug Conservation Law Foundation
Gemmellaro. Tony Alpha Beta Technology, Inc.
Gibbs, Lawrence Stanford University
Griffin, Joseph Harvard University
Grupenhoff,John T. National Assoc. of Physicians for the Environment
Hagan, Phillip E. Georgetown University
Hall, Gail Trinity College
Hawkens, George S. Stoney Brook - Millstone Watershed Association
Hearn, Michael Wellesley College
Howard, Suzanne Boston College
Howland, Dave DEP
Huang, Robert University of Massachusetts Boston
Hull, M.C. San Diego State University
Kelly, Anne US EPA - Region 1
Kidd, Keith Tufts University
Kno,x Ellen Amherst Solid Waste Committee
Kunz, Jeffrey J. Second Nature
Labato, Frank University of Connecticut
LaCroix, Joseph Newton Fire Department
Leiby, Anne US EPA
Lennett, David Environmental attorney who represents environmental groups, including Environmental Defense Fund
Lupin, Scott University of Maryland
Marshall, Peter VT Dept of Environmental Conservation, Hazardous Waste Program
Matilla, Rick Genzyme
Maxfield, Rob US EPA
McCassie, Joel US Army Soldier Systems Command
McDougall, Martha UCSD and CSHEMA
McGiff, Thomas Cornell University
Miller, James Department of Environmental Protection
Norman, Randy Massachusetts BioServices, Inc.
Paddock, Lee Attorney Generals Office - Minnesota
Parker, Lieutenant R Boston Fire Department
Pencarbo, Oscar DEP
Pine, Stanley California State Univ. - LA
Porteous, Don US EPA
Price, John M. Northeastern University
Prizner, Frank PRIZIM, Inc.
Reagan, Sean L. Harvard University
Reinhardt, Peter Univ of Wisconsin
Richardson, J. Michael Pfizer, Inc
Rondeau, Karen Massachusetts Water Resource Authority
Safter, Warren Univ of Georgia, Savannah River Ecology Lab
Savage, Deborah Tellus Institute
Scavitto, Tom Boston Fire Department
Schoener, Edward Ecologia
Simoes, Steve Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Skinner, Anne Williams College
Snyder, Gina US EPA - Region 1
Stine, Deb National Academy of Science
Taylor, Barbara B.F. Taylor Associates, Inc.
Thomann, Wayne Duke University
Thompson, Fay M. Univ of Minnesota
Tobin, Rebecca Boston College
Tuttle, Charlie Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
Van Schalkwyk, Bill Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vocke, Robert Los Alamos National Laboratory
Walker, Sherri US EPA - Office of Reinvention`
Wallace, Leonard US EPA - Region 1
Walsh, Walter US EPA - Office of Reinvention
Wawzniecki, Stefan University of Connecticut
Webster, David US EPA - Region 1
Wong, Tamoe National Academy of Sciences
Woodbury, Steven U.S. Department of Energy
Wyveen, Jeff Baxter Healthcare
Zarate, Lynne Georgetown University