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The Colleges and Universities Sector Work Group has developed a series of five case studies that demonstrate how universities of different sizes and locations have implemented EMS on campus.

Each case study demonstrates how the university was introduced to EMS, its implementation steps, benefits resulting from the system, and internal and external communications surrounding the system. In addition, each case study outlines lessons learned from EMS implementation and next steps.

Choose from the case studies listed below, available in PDF format, to learn more about how an EMS can work on campus.

University of Missouri Rolla
University of Massachusetts Lowell
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of South Carolina
University of Michigan
Washington State University

Case Studies and Presentations

Below are links to case studies and presentations from colleges and universities that have already implemented, or are in the process of implementing, an EMS.

Getting Started with an EMS

Integrating an Environmental Management System into the Established Business System in Academia
From Dr. Harvest L. Collier and Amy M. Gillman, University of Missouri-Rolla

Environmental Management in a Decentralized Organization
From Terry Alexander, University of Michigan

Understanding the Difficulties in Selecting a Management System and Why there is Resistance to Starting a System
From Terry Alexander, University of Michigan

Implementing an EMS

Road Map and Lessons Learned from EMS Implementation
From Rich LeMoine, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Introduction to the Development & Implementation of Environmental Management Systems in Academia: A Case Study of the Implementation of an ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System at the University of Missouri-Rolla
From Dr. Harvest L. Collier and Amy M. Gillman, University of Missouri-Rolla

University of Missouri-Rolla Solid Waste Reduction Program: Reducing Solid Waste Disposal Costs and Improving Campus Recycling Opportunities
Reduce solid waste disposal costs and improve campus recycling opportunities

From Amy M. Gillman, University of Missouri-Rolla