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October 24, 2006


Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) for Colleges and Universities
Your Guide to Creating and Maintaining an Effective EMS

The U.S.’ roughly 4,000 colleges and universities often resemble small cities and grapple with a wide range of environmental issues caused by their facilities and activities. To bring a sense of order to the environmental compliance process and encourage continual improvement, many campuses are establishing Environmental Management Systems (EMSs).

An EMS’ systematic approach provides a greater assurance about maintaining environmental compliance as well as a wide range of other benefits – from cost savings to public relations opportunities.

About EMS: Learn the basics about EMSs, and view their benefits, a glossary, and FAQs.

EMS Road Map: Review a step-by-step guide for developing and maintaining an EMS.

Tools and Resources: Find valuable EMS resources, including upcoming trainings and events, expert advice, and interactive resources.

Case Studies: Learn how campuses across the country have established EMSs.

EPA Support: Find out how EPA is supporting this valuable initiative.

2006 Benchmark Survey
of the State of Environmental Management Systems

Two-thirds of colleges and universities are developing or have an interest indeveloping an Environmental Management System (EMS), yet EMS activities are still in their infancy. That finding, and many others, can be found in this invaluable report.

The 2006 Benchmark Survey of the State of Environmental Management Systems at Colleges and Universities© is the product of an on-line survey conducted by the C2E2 during April and May of 2006. More than 250 individuals at 206 colleges and universities completed the survey.