Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence

If you’re not Al Gore, getting people to understand and accept the reality of climate change is not easy.

How can we get the message of climate change to resonate with the average person or
What symbols, signals and stories will most effectively reach a wide range of audiences?
Who are the best messengers?
What are the best messages?

Join us for a riveting discussion with Solitaire Townsend, managing director and co-founder of
Futerra, a communications consultancy in the United Kingdom, who is one of the UK’s leading specialists on the development and delivery of climate change communication strategies.

Following her provocative and inspiring presentation, watch an expert panel from the US share notes from their climate change communication experiences while comparing and contrasting the challenges in the United States.

Panel Discussion:
Julie Newman Sustainability Director, Yale University
Peyton Fleming Ceres Communication Director
Riva Krut Vice President, Cameron-Cole

Moderated by Anne Kelly Creative Resolutions, LLC

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