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The College and University Sectorís Performance Measurement Workgroup is currently exploring creative ways to measure sector-wide environmental and economic progress using performance indicators. The Workgroup has developed this website to gather four years of retrospective data on energy use, hazardous waste, solid waste/recycling, and water consumption as key environmental indicators. The goal of this effort is to explore the challenges of data collection and the potential value of the information. If this database is successful, we would like to continue adding data on an annual basis.

Environmental Management Summary
Number of Registered Institutions: 123
# w/ Med School or Hospital
# with Research Facilities
Institution Size
# w/ Recycling Coordinator
# w/ Energy Manager
# Small
# Medium
# Large

Generator Status under RCRA
# of Institutions with a Part B
RCRA Permit (TSDF)
# of CESQGs
# of SQGs
# of LQGs

Instructions - This link provides you with information to guide you through the process of navigating this site and entering data.

View Sample Data Entry Form - This link provides users with a Sample Data Entry Form. Registered users are the only individuals with permission to access an institutionís record for viewing or modification.

Aggregate Statistics - This link allows you to view aggregate statistics for all colleges and universities that have submitted data to the site. All Tracking Tool users have permission to view these summary statistics.

Project Background - Describes the initiative to collect and use the environmental indicator data, the workgroup and its other activities, and contacts.

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